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CalAmp: Wireless Mobile Radio Data and SCADA Telemetry Modems

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Компания CalAmp - производитель современных радиомодемов
Беспроводные сети обмена данными в США
Радиомодемы: решение ГКРЧ о выделении радиочастот
Безлицензионные диапазоны частот 433/868 МГц
Каталожные номера INTEGRA-TR

We are CalAmp -- for nearly 30 years, premier providers of wireless communications solutions that deliver data and content on demand, anywhere, satisfying the critical need for networked communications. CalAmp is a leading worldwide provider of high performance, reliable, cost effective communications equipment and wireless technology products.

CalAmp provides access to critical information and reliable field communications where significant factors affect the safety and effectiveness of field workers. As the amount of data information increases, so does the need for an efficient way to handle this information in a mobile environment.

Complex messages, congested voice communication channels, and limited human resources are some of the issues that can be addressed by taking advantage of new information technologies. CalAmp Dataradio private wireless mobile data networks provide an effective way to address these issues and prepare for the future. Our mobile data networks serve as a robust foundation for growth and expansion by providing a platform that supports technological change.

CalAmp Product for Public Safety and Utilities

Radio Dispatchers, police officers, fire and rescue personnel all must trust their wireless data systems to deliver the mission-critical information they need, when they need it most. The lives of citizens and first responders are often at stake.

From Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) to vehicle lookup, incident reporting, and other vital communications, trusted wireless data systems deliver the information that sheriff, police, and fire departments need to act quickly and effectively in dealing with public safety and utility related situations.

CalAmp Dataradio Mobile Data and SCADA Telemetry Products:

CalAmp Gemini G3 Mobile Radio Modem

This 3rd generation CalAmp mobile data radio offers worry-free data transmission with dual receiver sensitivity and automatic roaming for private network users.

CalAmp Paragon Digital Base Station

Wideband Data Adaptable to your Needs! The CalAmp Paragon Base Station Controller features our most powerful modem ever! Capable of handling over 900 million instructions per second, with 16 MB of flash memory and plenty of horsepower to spare, you'll get a unit that can grow as your future needs.

CalAmp Vanguard 3G Broadband Router

This CalAmp 3G broadband router is available for EV-DO and HSPUA cellular networks with backward compatibility and built in WiFi.

CalAmp Sentry 4G-900 Broadband Router

This CalAmp 4G broadband router is based on 802.16e (Mobile WiMax) technology and operates in the 900 MHz band.

CalAmp Sentry 2500 Broadband Router

This CalAmp Sentry 2500broadband router is based on 802.16e (Mobile WiMax) technology and operates in the 2.5 GHz band.

CalAmp Sentry 4G-900 Pico Base Station

The CalAmp Sentry 4G-900 pico Base Station is a secure long range wireless platform based on IEEE 802.16e-2005 (mobile WiMAX) technology delivered in a compact form factor. It is a single sector lightweight base station that can be easily installed by a single person on poles, street lamps or walls, and provides connectivity to fixed or mobile end points.

CalAmp SCADA and CalAmp Critical Infrastructure Equipment

Anytime, Anywhere, CalAmp Communications Solutions that Increase Flexibility and Enhance Productivity.

Information flow and operation control are essential to every successful business. Monitoring and controlling multiple and often remote locations is not always possible or feasible using wire. CalAmp wireless data products free you from the constraints of traditional communications by eliminating the re-occurring costs of dedicated phone lines and the expense of repairing cut cables. We provide the flexibility to expand and move data collection points even under harsh conditions. With our products for SCADA and high speed telemetry you can count on receiving the information that is vital to your operation.

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